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THCC is the 1st international Platform & Community of Hotels Owners & Decision Makers

In 2019 more than 348 owners and decision makers join us :(= 822 hotels) on more than 80 destinations in the World 

Since 2015, THCC 1st Platform and International Community of Owners, decision-makers and investors of the hotel industry, with the objective to allow its members to OPTIMIZE its GOP / RBE: to have profitable establishments!

Enable hotel owners and decision-makers to optimize their GOP / RBE results and their profitability through flexible external interventions, guaranteeing a result by integrating the latest market developments

Maximize direct sales & Offer services externally, necessary to the Owner (Sales & Marketing, Accounting, Finance, F & B, Management contract ...

But above all, to share the philosophy of independent hotels

Connecting directly:
Decision makers & hotel owners with:
B. Freelance Experts (specialists-generalists)
C. Partners of the world of Hospitality

Validated by our Board and covering all the operational and managerial needs of independent hotels, our Consultants & Freelancers Platform present on the markets Europe, GCC, CIS, US, Asia has only one objective



  1.  Sales and Marketing / E-marketing

  2. Management (Transition Management Solutions, GM Position, & Department Manager)

  3. Yield and Revenue Management

  4. Recruitment 

  5. Financial, Accounting and Legal

  6. Hotel Purchase / Sale - Real Estate

  7. Operation/management

You're Hotelier:

You're Partner of Hospitality Business:

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